Do you think you could do a tutorial on how to make a quote/typography poster? I'm struggling with it :(

Since I’ve been asked this three times, I guess I should answer properly.

Okay so, I really can’t do it. First because I suck at making tutorial, and second because there are lots of ways to make typography graphics (and if I make a tutorial on how I make mine, probably people will make them the same way and… what’s the point I keep doing them?) it’s the same when it comes to use textures/make textures.

I can give you some tips, or try at least. I’m a beginner in the typography posters world so yeah.

  1. EVERYTHING is about fonts. And one thing I learn when I started with photoshop lots of years ago, is that fonts are NOT easy, they’re not easy at all. They can seem easy, but they’re as tricky as hell. They’re a nightmare, I’m serious. So first you have to do is have lots of fonts, of all types, and know them a bit, like how they look in capital letters, or how they look big (some fonts suck when you make them really big)… I personally think the best way to know them is using them, either trying typography posters or making normal graphics. So first, FONTS. You can find lots of incredible fonts in
  2. You have to know the Photoshop font tools. I recomend you go to WINDOW>SHOW/HIDE CHARACTER and PARAGRAPH When I discovered this my Photoshop experience changed completely. Just try everything and anything at the same time, mess up a bit and just… try things, see how it looks like in different fonts, what tools you like more…
  3. Third thing you have to know is… well, I think when you’re going to make a typography poster is best to plan first what you want to do, either in your head or in a piece of paper. You’ll probably change you’re first draft, but I think it’s great to have a first idea so you can base your poster on that.
  4. Time and patience. Fonts have been always difficult for me, and I’ve always spend a lot of time dealing with them in graphics. When doing typography poster it’s even worse, I like to try lots of similar fonts to see which one is better for what I’m doing, so you need time. And you need to be patience. You maybe hate your first typography poster, or you may loose your patience after two hours on working in a poster, but life consists on learning and this too. You need to try, mess up with Photoshop and just learn with the things you do and you don’t feel satisfied with them. And I might say the same every time, but I truly believe in what I’m saying, and that’s how my Photoshop experience have been since I began more than five years ago, I learned most of the things I know by messing up with Photoshop, and getting inspiration from graphics and graphics designers I like.
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  1. shirewalker said: Sometimes you’re only happy with your 10th draft! Quite a nightmare sometimes… Lol. (This is a really good post, it’s really useful for someone who is completely new to typography)
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